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Reasons that these are the most comprehensive DKOIZ on the market.                                                       *** THE ONLY DKOI THAT FOCUSES ON THE  POSTURE OF THE ANIMAL***

1. They are the lightest DKOI/BLYNDZ on the market weighting in at just 8oz.

2. The only DKOIZ/BLYNDZ that you can see through with our outdoor one way vision mesh.

3. The only DKOIZ/BLYNDZ that fold against your bow to make it easily accessible.

4. They only DKOIZ/BLYNDZ that have a Nickel Titanium open and closure for ease of deployment.

5. The only DKOIZ/BLYNDZ that have a GoPro head system built in.

6. The only DKOIZ/BLYNDZ that are completely interchangeable with a variety of SKINZ that attach to you Skeleton.

7. The only DKOIZ/BLYNDZ that come with a Quadra Tarp case for protection.

8. They only DKOIZ/BLYNDZ that have an attachment bracket that can easily be removed for storage or ease of changing out SKINZ.

9. The only DKOI/BLYNDZ that converts to a miniature blind with choices of concealment. 

10 The only DKOIZ/BLYNDZ that conceal the vast majority of movement once deployed.

BLYND maple leaf

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